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Welcome to Dad Hats & Bow Ties; the podcast that explores the world of entertainment and news in a sophisti-ratchet way. Dad Hats and Bow Ties is all about bringing entertainment and humor while also shedding light on political and social issues. Join your hosts X.A.B and Distinguish the god as they make you laugh, get in your feelings, and think. It doesn't matter if you swag out your outfit with a dad hat or clean up nice with a bow tie, you'll take something away from every episode. This is Dad Hats & Bow Ties!


Hip Hop artist X.A.B, also known as "Young Wavy," has been creating his own "wave" for quite some time. He has appeared in The Source magazine and has the respect of many premiere DJ's in his hometown of NYC, such as D.J. Spynfo and hot 97's very own D.J. True Blends. His quick wit, comedic, and lighthearted nature has also made him an extremely sought after personality. Representing team dad hats, listen to X.A.B bring you the latest current events with a bit of insight, comedy, and a whole lot of foolishness.

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Distinguish the God

Distinguish the god is the true definition of the modern renaissance man. Poet, rapper, comedy, and entrepreneur, this thespian has accomplished much at a young age. Distinguish has opened up for a lot of big names such as  Chrisette Michelle, Dr. Cornel West, Immortal Technique,and Farrad Muhammad. Currently he sits as an Executive Board Member of the historic Afrikan Poetry Theatre.  Distinguish also is the producer of a slam series called "Slammers Only" and is the CEO of DISNETWORK Inc. However, don't let the bow tie fool you, his tongue is as sharp as he dresses, and his roast game is A1. 

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